I. During a period that is defined from an understandable resentment of the public for the banking sector, we have obtained great knowledge and expertise to deal with issues and disputes that arise out of interactions between the public and the banking sector. We advise clients and represent them in negotiations and in legal actions against Banks and other Credit Institutions in a variety of cases that involve amongst others:

  • Deposits’ “haircut”
  • Capital securities / bonds
  • Loans in foreign currency
  • Loan overcharges
  • Unequivocal and illegal acts made by Creditors

II. We advise clients in relation to their rights and obligations arising out of any impending or existing agreement with the banking sector. Furthermore, we negotiate or renegotiate the terms of such agreements.

III. We, in co-operation with well established financial consultants and valuers, advise clients on the finance, acquisition, leasing, maintenance and sale of properties and businesses. We, furthermore, draft agreements and provide the necessary legal services to materialize our clients’ goals in a way that their legal rights are fully secured and protected.