Cyprus has been established as a property investment attraction. Indeed, thousands of individuals and legal entities, from all over the world, have chosen to invest in immovable properties in our island. Thus, there is a continual foreign interest in buying residential and commercial properties in Cyprus.

Property acquisitions need to be dealt with care and diligence so that both the rights of the buyers and those of the sellers are fully secured and protected.

Our legal team provides, amongst others, the following services in relation to acquisitions of properties:

  • (i) Advise on the acquisition of properties by both Cypriots and non-Cypriots
  • (ii) Conduct due diligence on properties
  • (iii) Draft sales agreements
  • (iv) Have the agreements stamped and filed at the Land Registry Office
  • (v) Obtain all necessary permits from the authorities (when required) for the completion of the sales
  • (vi) Register the properties on the name of the buyer

Furthermore, in relation to the acquired properties our services include:

  • (vii) Estate planning
  • (viii) Advising on & drafting Wills
  • (ix) Probate & estate administration