Landlord and Tenant is the area of law which governs the relationship between Landlords and Tenants. This area needs careful attention since it contains a particularity. In more specific, not all tenancy relationships are dealt in the same manner· some tenancy relationships fall within the scope of the Rent Control Act and are dealt differently than other tenancy relationships which fall within the scope of Contract Law and can extent, upon termination, to that of Torts. Lack of expertise can result in adverse consequences on someone’s claim (either this person is the Landlord or the Tenant). We do have the expertise to deal with such issues. Thus, we provide all legal services related to this area, such as:

  • (i) drafting tenancy agreements∙
  • (ii) advising on any tenancy relationships∙
  • (iii) handling tenancy disputes before the Rent Control Tribunal or the Court.