Inheritance law is the area of law which governs the administration and distribution of the estate of a deceased and regulates the rights of the deceased’s descendants on the estate.

Individuals, while still alive, can decide on how their property will be allocated to their heirs after they pass away. This is achieved by drafting a Will of estate. Such a Will however, requires numerous formalities that need to be met in order for the Will to be valid. After death, the deceased’s estate will be administrated and eventually distributed according to the Will, provided of course that the necessary process is followed before the Court by the appointed executor of the Will.

A deceased’s estate will still be administrated and eventually distributed to the deceased’s heirs in the absence of a valid Will. In this case, however, the procedure to be followed is different than the one above and must be brought before the Court by an appointed administrator. Thus, the distribution of the estate to the legal heirs will be dealt exclusively according to the Law, regardless of the deceased’s wishes.

Needless to say, both procedures entail several difficulties that can be overcome with the help of qualified lawyers.

We are dealing with all related inheritance law issues. Amongst our services are:

  • (i) Drafting, filing and revoking Wills∙
  • (ii) Probate & estate administration∙
  • (iii) Handling inheritance disputes.